Farewell East Walker…For Now

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2 Responses

  1. Bob Mirata says:

    I want to take my boys trout fishing in June.any recommendations?

    • flyfishnevada says:

      Bob, it all depends on the winter. As it stands now, there is precious little snow. Unless that changes, the high country might be open early. Streams might be fishable. If the winter gets nasty and we get some snow, count on the high country being socked in and the streams and rivers being high. You’re best bet is the East Walker. It’s a tailwater so not a lot of run off concerns. lower elevation lakes, mostly drive to, would be good bets. Try Convict, Mammoth Lakes, maybe Virginia lake, Highway 88. If you have tubes it would help. You could also give some of the lakes around Truckee a try. Keep an eye on the snow pack and that will give you a better idea.