Gun Control, Outraged Yet?

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6 Responses

  1. Kevin says:

    Hi five to you… I keep hoping more people begin to open their eyes and minds the same way.

    • flyfishnevada says:

      Thanks! I don’t usually talk about politics, but this isn’t politics. This is about our liberty and way of life. I’m not ready to be a subject just yet. I enjoy the freedom I currently enjoy to live my life like I want and losing our right to own guns is the surest way to lose that freedom.

  2. syrenstomb says:

    I agree with you, no matter what anyone tries to do to mitigate ANY kind of violence, it is still going to happen. I do not pretend to have any answers, but as you wrote the people that are going to commit these crimes don’t care what the laws are. Most of these people that made the news were already identified by psychologists and prescribed head meds its been shown, but how big a circle of “freedom denial” do we draw around them once that prescription is written? I don’t think it would it matter. If they can’t get a “scary” AR-15, they can get rocks, hammers, or anything else if they are intent on causing harm. As a species we’ve been killing ourselves for millions of years, those with the intent well always find a way.

    • flyfishnevada says:

      Exactly. Convicted of a crime is one thing, but do you lose your rights if you are on meds? If you’ve been committed? There’s a little thing called Due Process down below the part about bearing arms in the Constitution. Freedom isn’t perfect and sometimes you have to take the bad with the good but it beats the heck out of just about any other human condition.

  3. Ingrid says:

    It’s called pandering for votes and solves nothing… frustrating!

    • flyfishnevada says:

      Exactly. Using tragedy to make voters feel good because they did “something.” Outside of politics, telling people they are going to get something when in fact they are not is called fraud.